Sunday, October 24, 2010

BlackBerry Bold hates Hotmail

After well over 5 hours of trying to get my BlackBerry Bold 9700 to synch with Hotmail--I think I'm down to 2 options. Either pay to upgrade Hotmail ($20 a year), which I'd do, OR get a new Gmail account. I tried EVERYTHING and even the folks at Crackberry are at a loss. I did email AT&T and am waiting to hear from them.


I chose the latter because it'll be a Jessica Ashley email. :) Plus, I've had my old email since 2003 and it's time to change it up.

Waiting for everything to synch up--Gmail said it could take 2 days and we'll see from there.

But, otherwise, I <333 my phone!


  1. Hi Jessica------Lucia here.AGAIN. I say get a new gmail....which is what I have....and, you can get it on your mobile phone

  2. Ya i have gmail...i love it....!
    <3 Jess

  3. me too! especially the chat. I added you to my contacts list.........if thats okay.....:-)

  4. Oh, and I made another blog as a fan club of your books!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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