Monday, August 22, 2011

Now vs. then

I hope the saying's true about things getting really bad before they get better...because things are REALLY bad right now. It's kind of one of those times where it feels as if things will never change--someone will never feel well again. Laughter won't be rare. You won't be awake until 4am because your body won't let you sleep. Pain won't be present every second. Work won't become something that doesn't transport you to another place but feels as though it's taking you away from a person who needs you. Life won't be at a standstill. Time won't revolve around pills. Bottles of vicodin, morphine, dilaudid, oxy and a zillion other medications won't be permanent fixtures of the bedroom. Doctor visits won't be cried over.


Smiles will be real and more present. Life will still be challenging, but won't feel insurmountable. Going out will be an option. Alcohol will be consumed. Dancing to Top 20 hits will leave you feeling exhausted in the best way. Work will be something that calls to you during the day and keeps you up late into the night. Life will just BE.

After this is over, I swear I'll never complain about anything again. Nothing will ever compare to this.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, hello again!

Yes, it's been forever since I've blogged here. It's been an insane time--the craziest of my life. Some things that have happened since I last blogged:

* I spent three weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN with K

* We're going back to Mayo in mid-September


* I finished the outline for a Violet & Ruby Productions book

* The Barnes & Noble at the Apache Mall in Rochester agreed to host me for a signing on September 18th at 2pm. (Please come so I'm not alone!) :)

* A couple of big things happened that are secrets for now, but MAN, I want to reveal them!

* My friend Bri got K and me hooked on DANCE MOMS. It is the best guilty please e-v-e-r.

* I got feathers in my hair! Two purple and one pink.

* I got a new gorge HP laptop that I still haven't had time to set up. (Bad!)

* I had some time to read for the first time in forever. Devoured Sara Shepard's TWISTED and am loooving Melissa Walker's SMALL TOWN SINNERS.

* I read an ARC of HORSES NEVER LIE ABOUT LOVE and was blown away. Even cooler? I was asked to blurb it. It comes out in November, so I'll be sure to remind everyone. It's a beautiful book.

* Kate's great-uncle passed and K, R and I spent about 2 and a half-ish weeks living on the UES in his apartment helping K's grandmother.

* R's grandmother passed and he spent a weekend in Baltimore.

Those are the highlights, really. We're all kind of waiting to go back to Mayo now and get K out of the pain she's in. Nothing--no drug or alternative--can stop this pain. I hate it. I put my hands on the spots and wished they would flow out of her body and into mine. It's not fair. She's been sick for a year and a half--I wish I could take it away even for just a day.

I've gotten closer to my friend, B. She's the best to text and I wish she lived closer!

I haven't been working on KEPT. I've been too busy with Canterwood and personal things. But I want to pick it up again soon.

What's new with everyone?