Friday, January 7, 2011

A week in BlackBerry pix

Today, Bailey in the window watching the snow.

Bailey in her pink blanket.

Manis with K

7th Avenue during Brooklyn Blizzard #1


I climbed several of those piles . . .

Pretty, though.

Stuck car.

All of these pics are on my Twitter, so sorry if you've seen them twice.

Incredibly tough, painful and disheartening aren't even strong enough to explain the past couple of weeks. There was a lot of bad. A lot. But in those moments, of utter darkness when you're on the brink of falling off the edge, someone pulls you back and you do the same for the other person. You see the rawest, deepest parts of people that are so intimate it can only serve to tighten bonds. You see what people are made of. Or who they really are.

I'm throwing myself into work during the day and spending every other free second with K. Things had to happen to get me fired up about blowing through several work projects--and I'm setting the Excel sheets, readying the Word docs and prepping my hand brace for a work out of epic proportions.

When things go wrong, I've always done one thing--the thing I'm good at--work. It's the solution to many problems.


  1. Man, those snow pics are impressive! I'm so happy that storm missed me!

    I hope things start to look up for ya, sounds like it got really rough there for ya
    :( ::hugs::

  2. SOOOOO lucky to have THAT much snow!
    Keep writing books!


  3. Daniella you are right.... she is lucky! Oner here in Yuma, it's impossible to get snow.....

  4. Rebecca is right!!!!!