Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Teen Me is turned in

I just sent it off to Miranda a few minutes ago. I wrote it a couple of nights ago, listening to my iPod around 2am. The thing I'd been TERRIFIED of came flooding out on the page. The essay is supposed to be fairly short, and I kept that in mind, but I could have gone on for many more pages.

That's why I'm glad I have KEPT--my semiautobiographical YA novel in verse. It's ready to be subbed--I've got 40 pages and a synopsis. I was scared to submit it to anyone--afraid of what people would think when they learned the real truth behind the pink-loving, sparkly Jessica Burkhart who writes the fun Canterwood Crest series. I'm unagented, so if anyone reads my essay when it goes live on March 23 and thinks my verse novel might be worth a look to their editor, please let me know.

Kate read my essay for Dear Teen Me and helped me take it where it needed to go. She never pushed for it to be more than I could handle--she's my best friend and she knows my limits on what I can think about from my past. But she edited it and pointed out places where I could improve. She reminded me that the point of DTM is to write a letter to your teen self and I needed to write more encouragement into my essay. I did and, with that, it was ready to go to Miranda along with four photos that fit the theme.

Kate's beside me, but I want to thank her publicly for all she does to help me as a writer--not just as my Canterwood editor but as a teacher in a non-instructor-y way. If you're looking for a freelance editor (formerly of Simon & Schuster and has references) who loves what she does and will give your work her utmost attention and the best edit letter you'll ever receive (I'm not just BS'ing you, I promise.), send Kate an e-mail at kate AT kateangelella DOT com. Her Website is She's worked with fab commercial authors such as Lauren Barnholdt and award-winners like Kekla Magoon. Again, Kate Angelella is *the* best freelancer with reasonable rates that you'll ever find--I'd bet my series on it.

March 23. Ready or not. It's coming.


  1. You know I'm hiring Kate! I just need to finish first.

    I know it was hard to write that, but I bet you feel a little bit of relief.