Saturday, March 19, 2011


Fueled with Bigelow's French Vanilla Black tea, cereal and am ready to kick off the weekend writing! I'm excited to attempt to get a huge chunk of INITIATION done.

I'm also a little sidetracked. I had a moment of panic yesterday that I talked to K about. I almost e-mailed Miranda of Dear Teen Me, asking her to pull my essay and promising to write another--on a different topic. But I pushed through the panic and K talked me through the fact that I needed to remember why I'd written the piece and if I hadn't been ready--the words wouldn't have come out on the page. It would have been too much to handle and I would have been frozen. That happened last year when I tried to work on KEPT. I could only get to a certain point before it was too much and I'd have to stop.

I think I'm past that now. Or, at least, it's getting easier to handle.

I'm hoping my essay for Dear Teen Me will be the piece that gets attention for KEPT. I'm thinking about submitting the piece to a certain literary journal or a magazine for it to get even more attention. I'm also going to add a link to it on my PM page.

I'm ready to get KEPT in the hands of an agent/editor and, hopefully, the DTM essay will be the piece to get people interested in my YA work.

Off to write! Happy weekend to all! Anyone else writing? Revising? Reading?

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